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Comedy Double Bill

JADC Comedy Double Bill.png

Plays written and directed by Patricia Robinson-Leigh

Produced by Mark Cook

The JADC proudly presents a night of hilarity with a comedy double bill!  Both plays are written and directed by local playwright Patricia Robinson-Leigh and promise a fun-packed evening full of fast-paced wit.

"Is there anybody there?"

Family feuds and supernatural goings on provide the intriguing back-drop to this comedy that will have you howling with laughter!  


"Red Hot in Amsterdam" - with kind permission of Samuel French

Two diamond thieves, Frank and Mickey, while escaping from the police, find an open window, clamber inside, and discover they are in a brothel!  Hilarity ensues as they try to outwit the working girls and the police to hide their loot!      

Dates and Times 

Wednesday 13th October – Saturday 16th October

Curtain up 7.30 p.m.   


Adults £16
Children and senior citizens £12

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