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by Karen Forbes Inspired by 'Occupation Memories' by Thérese Tabb
The Jersey Arts Centre May 10th & 11th 2022
Directed by Caroline Stone

"I first heard about Therese Tabb’s book, Occupation Memories, because my husband Chris was hosting a presentation by some of the contributors at the Opera House Studio. The people who spoke were a collection of locals who I am sure I would have passed in the street at some point; but who would have thought that ordinary Jersey men and women like these would have such fascinating childhood stories to tell?

During that afternoon, I watched as these old people became young again, recounting stories of adventure and mischief under the watchful eyes of the Germans. When my friend Karen Forbes told me that she was using Therese’s book as inspiration for this play, I felt privileged to be its director. It gave me the chance to work with very talented adult performers. Usually, as the Head of Drama at JCG, I work with children all day so directing adults promised to be an exciting change. The ultimate irony of course is that all performers in this play must act like kids… not so very different to my day job after all perhaps!

As director, what I hoped this play would do is make the audience reflect. Living history is all around us… but it won’t be forever. While there are still people in Jersey with stories to tell and memories to share, we should all do our best to listen, to ask and to enjoy their tales of daring-do, bravery and simply growing up in the Occupation years.

I hope this play encouraged you to do just that."

- Caroline Stone



For details of our cast and crew, please take a look at our original

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