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A musical by Boublil and Schonberg based on a novel by Victor Hugo
Directed by Carol Ruderham
Musical director Dominic Anthony Ferris 
The Jersey Opera House, 13th to 23rd July 2016


“Les Mis is a juggernaut of a show. It’s reputation as one of the greatest musicals of all time is well deserved and nowhere more so than in this amateur production which showcases some of jersey’s best known actors and musicians alongside some excellent new talent”.

“Carol Ruderham has pulled out all the stops to bring this diverse group of actors together, but its largely their singing abilities that make the show….. Dominic Ferris has achieved creating a show that is top dollar. His carefully selected team of excellent musicians gave a perky and powerful performance.”

Valjean (Dan Mortimer) is magnificent and he shows incredible stamina…never losing the fierce zeal with which he first appears. 

Fantine’s (Jodie Lee Foster) sublime voice floats high above the squalor…..Young Cossette’s (Mathilda Filleul) voice is also arresting and brought real beauty to the hardship of working for the formidable and hilarious Thenardiers (Edmundo Freitas and Claire Butler), while both the older Cossette (Georgi Mottram) and Eponine (Rachael Labey) gave sensitive and believable portrayals of a young girl in love. The band of students were also energetic and evoked a sense of 19th century Paris as revolutionaries with powerful powerful performances from Enjolras ( Scott Livingstone) and his troupe.”     

“it is the love that is shown when a whole community gets behind an idea and wills it to success. That is why, with this production of Les Mis, the entire run has already sold out and the opening night closed to a full-house standing ovation.  


The Jersey Amateur Dramatic Club feel extremely privileged to have been granted the performing rights to stage the full West End production by Cameron Macintosh Ltd.

It has been a long journey from obtaining permissions for the performing licence to the casting auditions, when we had to choose from 300 plus talented people, then forming our production teams and finally putting on the show here at our splendid Opera House. Both Alan and I have directed and produced many musicals for our club, but this has to be the most exiting, challenging and ultimately, rewarding one. As always we could not do this alone, it has been team work from day one. What a fantastic experience working with such a dedicated hard working troop of people, who have bonded so well together. It really is a pleasure to see young and old melding into a large, happy, fun loving family sharing intensive rehearsals but still having enough time and energy to enjoy ourselves socially afterwards.

A special thanks to Veritas Investment Management for supporting our amazing orchestra and all the other companies and individuals who have generously contributed to the show.

There has been an enormous amount of creative input gone into this production and it is always important to remember that the musical direction, choreography,set building, lighting, costume design and tailoring, properties and scenic artists have played an important role in achieving what you see on stage this evening. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in this production. The support and commitment that we have received has been absolutely fantastic.

So please, sit back, laugh and cry a little, but most of all ENJOY the show.

Carol Ruderham


Based on the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo which tells the story of broken dreams and unrequited love. Set in early 19th Century France, it is the story of  Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread. Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Misérables is a show not to be missed.

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