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We want to make JADC members and non-members, aware of what data we store, how that data is stored, how we use that data and an individuals rights.


We store the following information about members:

  • Name

  • Address*

  • Contact number

  • Email address

  • Age and date of birth (if under 18 or over 65)

  • Theatrical Interest areas (where available)

  • Profession or previous profession (where available)

  • Date of membership

  • Renewal date for membership


The data is now being stored securely on a Google G Suite account and on Mailchimp (a professional email server). This removes the need for membership data to be stored on personal computers. The information we hold is not shared with any third party, but is used by the committee and by individual production teams, if members are appearing in their show.


The committee will use a member's data for the purpose of correspondence, club and membership management.


At any point, a member is absolutely entitled to ask us for the information we have stored on them.


Members and non-members have the right to the following:

·      The right of access to your information;

·      The right to rectification;

·      The right to erasure (to be forgotten);

·      The right to restriction of processing;

·      The right to object to processing;

·      The right to withdraw consent.


If a member lapse's, we will continue to store their data for a period of 12 months, after which time, we will erase all their data, except for their name and email address, which we will retain for marketing purposes.


If at any point, either as a current member or a lapsed member, someone does not wish to continue receiving marketing communications from us, they will be able to unsubscribe thereby deleting their email address from our system.

To facilitate individuals who would like to see the data that we hold on them, we have set up an which is managed by a member who is not on the JADC committee. This member will be happy to facilitate any Subject Access Requests. However, this does not impact on an individual’s right to request this data in any way they feel comfortable with.

To download a copy of our Personal Data Protection Policy, please click here 

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