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Blue Remembered Hills

Jersey Arts Centre, May '21
Directed by Samantha Fitzpatrick

"A group of seven-year-olds in wartime Britain are playing in the sunshine but soon, their childlike teasing turns to bullying and fighting.


Potter’s ground-breaking play, written in 1979, still has the power to shock with its exploration of cruelty and lost innocence, yet it is also funny, charming and nostalgic.


Potter stipulated that the characters be played by adults: he wanted to avoid the "Ahh!" factor of seeing fresh-faced children on stage and focus the audience's attention on the emotions they themselves felt as a child. "The adult body acts as a kind of magnifying instrument” he explained, thankfully, our JADC actors are certainly rising to the challenge.


The cast (aged between knocking-on-forty and seventy-four) got in touch with their inner seven-year-olds and limbered up for some spitfire-imitation, headstands and squirrel chasing – it had to be seen to be believed!"


Samantha Fitzpatrick (Director)

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