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Comedy Double Bill

Jersey Arts Centre, October '21
Directed and written by Patricia Robinson-Leigh

The JADC proudly presented a night of hilarity with a comedy double bill!


Both plays were written and directed by local playwright Patricia Robinson-Leigh and delivered a fun-packed evening full of fast-paced wit.


“Is There Anybody There?”

Family feuds and supernatural goings-on provide the intriguing backdrop to this comedy that will have you howling with laughter!

“Red Hot in Amsterdam” with kind permission of Samuel French

Two diamond thieves, Frank and Mickey, while escaping from the police, find an open window, clamber inside and discover they are in a brothel! Hilarity ensues as they try to outwit the working girls and the police to hide their loot!

Casts and crew

"Is there anybody there...?"

Alice Courtney - Samantha Fitzpatrick

Leonard Courtney - Mike Berry

Archibald - Mark Dupays

Steffi  - Dani Perrier 

Sister Mary-Rose - Jenny Crocker

Trixie - Michelle Parker

Robert - Johnathon Williams

Aunt Jane - Julie Allen

"Red Hot in Amsterdam...?"

Madame Celestine - Michelle Parker

Corrine - Dani Perrier 

Kora - Jenny Crocker

Chief Inspector - Mike Berry

Mickey - Jonathan Williams

Frank - Mark Dupays

The burglar - Mark Cook

Writer and Director - Patricia Robinson-Leigh

Producer - Mark Cook

Stage Manager, Set and Sound - Mike Wynes

Business Manager and publicity - David Scott

DSM - Julie Allen

Wardrobe - Val Nelson

Back stage - Molly Cook

Marketing design - Samantha Fitzpatrick

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